Kings and Queens (Old Village Chaos)

6 Dec


the kings and queens have lost again

the empire will fall again

don’t worry no worries my friend my friend

The empire will fall again

The empire falls today

Throw the troubles away

(Verse 1)

I’m searching far so far and wide

Precious Dreams and Renewable Visions

Senseless Anger greed and silence

Throw all your cares away

As it floats this subtle Island

Demons come from the horizons

Angels come but they’re all fallen

Throw all your tears away

Painful nightmares realizing

Weak souls join Mediums crying

All the strong are quickly Rising

Throw all your fears away


The kings and queens have lost their way

Pride and Greed made their dismay


(Verse 2: Vocal rhythm  change)

I once had a dream

The red blood in the stream

The blue between the seams

of clouds the seas it’s loud it seems

It never had to explain itself

even though it came to hell

I am me I am myself

Throw the legion away

Boom Boom Boom a subtle tune

background noise to the cartoon

of life as we live and consume

Throw all the light away

They say we’re individuals

They say we’re genius or fools

Which one slaves and which one rules

Throw the system away


All aboard with Jack and Jill

tumbling all down the hill






New method?

16 Oct

I’ve been thinking about trying a new method of lyric writing.
I thought about the process of writing and the process of songwriting and they seem to work well together.

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